Our Services

Morris Forensic provides expert accounting and valuation services in connection with litigation and dispute resolution throughout Australasia.

Forensic Accounting and Expert Evidence

Morris Forensic provides expert accounting and valuation services in connection with litigation and dispute resolution throughout Australasia. We also provide objective, independent, well researched and persuasive written reports and expert evidence.

  • financial and accounting issues in dispute
  • key assumptions relevant to analyses and calculations
  • documentation upon which analyses can be established
  • forensic investigations that need to be undertaken
  • concepts, principles and methodology to be applied
  • mitigation issues
  • formulations and quantifications of loss.

We have a particular skill in providing incisive and understandable written analyses of the issues under consideration and the reasoning that leads to relevant conclusions on forensic issues.

Our experience includes the provision of expert opinions and oral evidence in:

  • The Federal Court of Australia
  • The Family Court of Australia
  • The Supreme Courts of South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria
  • The District Courts of South Australia and Western Australia
  • Arbitration and mediation/settlement proceedings.

Brian has considerable experience in critiquing opposing experts’ reports, coordinating expert conclaves and the publication of joint expert reports and the provision of evidence including concurrent evidence in a ‘hot tub’ setting.

Our experience has encompassed a range of disciplines

Our team members have worked in, or in connection with, audit throughout their careers. Brian was the partner responsible for Edwards Marshall’s audit practice for a number of years, at which time he served on the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. Brian Morris and Martin White continue to be consulted on technical audit issues.

Brian has also been retained by South Australian Government Authorities as the Probity Auditor in connection with significant projects for the development of infrastructure and the outsourcing of services.

Morris Forensic has extensive experience providing opinion evidence in matters where claims have been made against accounting firms alleging negligent accounting advice and audits.

We are also experienced in matters where claims have been made against businesses and individuals alleging fraud and misappropriation of monies, negligent accounting practices and procedures and corporate crime.

Morris Forensic provides independent, unbiased and comprehensive assessments of loss and damage. We have experience in providing independent expert reports and expert evidence as to the quantum of damages arising from:

  • breach of contract
  • misrepresentation
  • misleading and deceptive conduct
  • fraud
  • professional negligence
  • breach of fiduciary duty
  • personal injury and loss of dependency
  • business interruption
  • product liability
  • the provision of allegedly negligent advice
  • the wrongful suspension of employment

We have provided independent expert reports and expert evidence as to the quantum of damages arising from claims for loss of profit, loss of value and loss of opportunity in numerous industries including:

  • aged care
  • construction
  • financial services
  • insurance
  • managed investment schemes
  • manufacturing
  • mining
  • national rail
  • pharmaceutical
  • retail
  • telecommunications
  • waste management
  • water infrastructure
  • wine and viticulture

Morris Forensic is skilled in conducting financial investigations of accounting records for the purposes of litigation and the provision of expert evidence. Financial investigations we have been involved in include:

  • reconstruction of accounting and business records, and other business information
  • analysis of financial records in the context of irregularity
  • analysis of financial records and systems in connection with matters involving allegations of breach of fiduciary and other duties, fraudulent activities, corporate failure and solvency
  • the conduct of due diligence in connection with acquisition and divestment transactions
  • financial analyses to establish the actual financial positions and performance
  • use of complex financial modelling
  • interpretation and application of accounting standards
  • distillation and analysis of financial data for the purposes of determining causation of loss or value
  • quantification of losses in contractual disputes and personal injury claims
  • insurance-related litigation and claims
  • identifying and valuing assets in family law matters.

Morris Forensic provides comprehensive valuations of businesses, business entities and business interests. Our valuation reports comply with the professional standard APES 225 – Valuation Services.

We have experience in providing independent valuations in the context of:

  • acquisition and divestment transactions
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • taxation matters
  • business interruption
  • commercial disputes
  • estate planning
  • reconstruction
  • share sales
  • shareholder disputes
  • shareholder oppression actions
  • commercial transactions and sales
  • matrimonial property settlements
  • estate disputes.

Morris Forensic provides assistance and advice for matrimonial settlements including:

  • identifying and valuing assets
  • investigating and explaining the financial positions of parties
  • reviewing the integrity of financial information
  • investigating and explaining financial transactions
  • providing advice on the taxation implications of settlement transactions.

Morris Forensic provides strategic advisory services and management consulting services in areas including corporate strategy, management reporting, risk management, investment analysis, acquisitions and divestments.

Brian Morris has held the following positions:

  • director of the South Australian Film Corporation and Chair of its Finance and Audit Committee
  • director of Thoroughbred Racing SA Ltd and Chair of its Finance & Audit Committee
  • member of the Finance Committee of the University of Adelaide, an advisory committee to the Council and Executive of the University
  • member of the Audit Committee of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Brian is currently retained as a consultant to:

  • the governing body of a statutory authority of the State of South Australia
  • the governing body of a substantial manufacturing enterprise with facilities in all states of Australia and overseas.

Martin White is the Presiding Member of the City of Playford’s Corporate Governance Committee, a Board Member of Brink Productions Ltd and a deputy member of PIRSA’s Aquaculture Tenure Allocation Board.

Ben Opie has provided annual budgeting and forecasting services for a major transport conglomerate.